Monday, May 16, 2011

9 Cassiopea

We continue with our 9 faces thingy - which I'll eventually turn into t-shirts!

I hope you enjoyed the special... tomorrow I will post the special in the blog so everybody can express their love for Giovannino and join the nuns in the Giovvannino fan club! LOL

I am packing the final pages into the volume and it will be up next week end for download.
(I also painted 2 more mini paintings, I will show them to you soon, I keep forgetting my camera at work!) XDDDD


Myridd said...

I want this one as a t shirt! It matches my forum avatar! And chance of fitted t shirt being an option?

dedasaur said...

Of course.
Usually I leave the design open on zazzle so that the shirt type can be changed. But I'll have to turn these into vector so that the print outs will come out good. :D