Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Color Scheme Interpretation (game)

Alirght guys I thought you ought to see what the winning costumes would look like with TPB actual color scheme. :D
So, these are our winners. I think Pea looks a bit top light and I am researching on the double color for Kes because putting a piece of clothing with two colors it meant you did not belong to real society (as I remember it, when I was studying the way clothes were dyed, it was one of the reasons why comedians, actors and jesters had clothes with two colors because they were merely considered humans). Unless I make her top into some sort of vest :D

Now I have a little quiz ready for you. When I was playing around with colors (because I start from shapes - what idiot would start from anything else but the overall shape of the character?XD) I thought I'd weaved a little psychological message in it.
Do you remember my post about Color Schemes?

In that post I stated that I chose colors with a purpose and that the characters' clothes will change of shape but not color.
Now, that was the beginning of the story... we are way past the mid point and right now we've entered the point of no return so the proximity has changed the characters' personality and something will show in their color scheme.

Here's the question: how do you interpret the relationship between the couples by looking at the picture below?

Have fun!


Myridd said...

Pea and Martin are easy. They don't have a relationship. Not a romantic one at least. So they stick with their own colors. Wes and Kes are married. Their outfits are almost identical, but they are also yellow which is Kes's color. So perhaps at this point Wes is more openly in love with Kes than Kes is with Wes. Foxy and Lio compliment each other beautifully, and due to the green coloring, Lio is definitely the boss. Castalia and Kane are kind of the opposite. They don't compliment each other, they are becoming one. Cat and Callista confuse me in those outfits. Completely in each other's color, no mixing. Perhaps that is to symbolize they havent begun to merge into one yet, but they definitely have their eyes on each other.

Liuna said...

I am of the same opinion like my predecessor, and I also have a supposition about Cat and Fetsie I have investigated a little bit. Fetsie, I think, she has adapted herself at Cat's colours, because these were obviously they whom he carried in his things. He has also adapted himself to her, because bright blue was the colour of her nightdress from chapter 1. So I think that they wanted to 'change' for the other one, or adapt themselves. This maybe does notwork well. But both have the same thought, and would want best for the other one.

Unknown said...

Castalia & Kane: Both are married and similar to each other in the way that they're strange. They still have their differences but very much a like.
Lio & Foxy: (favorite color combination and I love Lio's outfit) Both are in love but the brighter color tone's Lio's wearing show that she's the boss in the relationship.
Kes & Wes: Both love each other a lot, it seems like Wes changed a little bit for her though, since he let go a lot of the purple. I wouldnt say he loves her more than she loves him but he's more open about his love for her than she is.
Pea & Martin: Look a little awkward, and have nothing in common since their colors are completely opposite. :B
Callista & Cat: They changed for each other.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to read both the eyes and the clothes...
Castalia and Kane: playful still, and yes, like Myridd said, almost yin-yang like...
Lio and Foxy: Amazed at something, and showing it...
Kes and Wes: interested, and becoming more aligned, but very furtive and apprehensive about their feelings still...
Pea and Martin: she might be interested in starting something, though he doesn't know it yet, they're still trying to figure things out... Perhaps the colors would stand for the strong traditional extremes they carry?
Callista and Cat: probably switching, maybe gaining each other's traits (for instance, she's becoming more daring and he's becoming more gentle), and Callista is showing even greater interest...

dedasaur said...

oh no, don't read the eyes.

It's a color scheme game that's why there are no outlines. This is how you do color studies.

The male and female drawing were never drawn to be put together. I just put them close to each other regardless of body language (which only refers to their own individual personality)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I finally had time to sit down and write my ideas. I had to force myself not to read everyone elses comments so that i can get my first impression down but I can't wait to see everyone else's ideas :D ok so here are my thoughts *wiggles eyebrows*:

They are two puzzle pieces that fit into one. Each item of clothing is an opposite of each other. Her maroon scarf to his dark blueish(?) mask. Her outer maroon piece and inner dark bluish top to his out dark bluish jacket and inner maroon tunic. Her maroon tights and dark bluish books to his dark bluish trousers and maroon boots. I have to stop using the word dark bluish. The alternating colours suggest that they fit together, like two hands interlink or two puzzle pieces to become whole. I'm not sure if we are going by colour to give the mood or colours that have symbolic meaning, but maroon is supposdly symbolic of courage, bravery, heroism and strength, which I think fits perfectly with this couple since they are all out to conquer the world and what not. No idea what dark blueish is suppose to mean. :S
Green, the colour of nature, growth and fertility. Will there be a baby? There certainly is alot of making one. :P Foxy is more introverted and this is telling by how he is a solid dark green, like he's trying to blend in, whereas the more extrovert Lio has the contrasting dark and light green to stand out. Perhaps the green is to represent how balanced this couple are with each other, how honest Cat and Lio are about their feelings and not shy about it at all.
OMG THEY ARE ONE AS ONE CAN BE! Couple clothing much?? Their clothing colour is exactly the same and the placements are almost identical! Dark yellowbrown shoes, dark yellow brown shoes. lilac stockings. Dark brown trousers, light brown yellow coat, dark brown band on empire line vesus arm band. THEY HAVE HAD THEIR UNION! woot~ Yellow represents happiness and sunshine. The darkening of the yellow to brown from the yellow they were previously is in my opinion a maturing of their relationship, something closer to the colour of the earth rather then the sun in the sky. Like coming down to earth, in a good way.
This pair has largely remained themsleves as they have yet to meet. Pea is all feminine and fashionable in pink, though it is a darker pink to represent the maturity of mind she has, having been the oldest - even if its just by a few mins - and caring nature that she has. Martin on the other hand is man (oh so man) and blue but given his simple view in life is a baby blue, like a baby! In a good way of course. Even after they met, I somehow think their colours may actually remain the same, or very similar.
They are erm... colour blind? :S Okay this one had me stumped. She is clearly adopting his dressing style though so her transformation is more then his. He is perhaps dressing up a little for her, though we have yet to see that in the comic? I know purple was used for royalty.... Or perhaps it means transformation? That certainly seems fitting. Teal on Cat could mean calming down.. she brings out a calming side of him perhaps? :)

Okay that was almost an essay :p

Anonymous said...

ok now that I've read the other comments, I feel that everyone has had insighful thoughts on Cat and Casllista :D now why didn't I think of that...