Monday, May 02, 2011


You are going to see some ugly white around this drawing, I know.
That's why right below you can see the Deviant Art link (at least DA accepts png).
If you are reading this one facebook don't forget to come and visit the blog:

This morning I woke up to find a message that said that on Drunk Duck two chapter of my comics were gone. I was lucky somebody actually had the decency to contact me and not think that I did that on purpose! XDDD

As much as I was trying to figure out why more than 2/3 of my readership was gone from that website... I would not imagine that it was simply because two full chapters were gone.

But most of the reader might have thought: click away is faster.
I am reading this book called "Program or be Programmed" now, about how internet has changed our habits. I have to say that he hit the nail on many occasion... we've becoming more and more a lurker species and click is our God.
Facebook is making everybody passive aggressive... and the fact that we are on, even when we are off the net, through our cell phone is developing new syndromes: how many times have believed to hear your phone go Ding for a message but then it wasn't so?
And there is also this thing called "phantom vibration syndrome" which makes us feel the vibes of our phone in our pocket even if we are not carrying one.
Pretty scary, huh?

Anyways I wanted to thank all those who showed interest in the OC game. Apparently it got a lot of people excited which makes me really happy.

If you have more ideas for games and contest, please propose them!

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Chiya said...

I like a lot their expression, really so good!!!