Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ring - Special - Page 3

If anything could have gone wrong yesterday... it did.
I almost did not make it alive to the update.
In the end people should always know: you cannot hack a pirate!
And so here we are....

Another page for the special is up and I will be back later with the curiosities for chapter 13 A.

In English:

In Italian:


GreenLemon said...

Small thought - last panel, it appears like Wesley is saying to put the ring in the locket, not Kane.

dedasaur said...

Oh no, I uploaded the old version!
I just realized I uploaded the old version o page 9 as well!
I have to fix a lot of stuff this coming weekend sigh.

Anonymous said...

You made it alive to update! Yay! I'm not quite alive after work but alive enough to read your comic! Haha