Sunday, May 29, 2011

Updates and miniature paintings.

A few words today. Volume 3 can finally be found in the download section of the blog. (right column).
The pdf files hosted on issuu, contained in volume 3, will shortly be closed as reading only.

Also because you have the updated ones in the volume itself (the older files might contain mistakes).

The Original Character contest is still open.

So are the other games and you can hunt for pictures for Real Beauty contest 2, if you want to.

I'm a little behind on the comic so I need to catch up really fast and I am also planning two more specials for this chapter (a 1 page special for Pea and a 4 pages special for Kes).

I just switched to CS5 and I hope you won't notice any differences in the pages... I think I do but my friends say no.
I don't know.

See you soon! I have some clean up to do today! :D

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