Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 13 cover!

Aliright mates!
We are back! (and with the cover for chapter 13!)

Those of you who use blogger might know already but blogger was in read only mode for more than 24 hours.
In fact I was supposed to post a second post in the afternoon yesterday, I was supposed to post the little shalallah special and stuff but I could not access.

Also, some of the comments posted got deleted or lost. Sorry. I tried to recover the ones I had in cache but many others, that were already posted, were lost and I don't know who and were they posted them. I only got a message that said that: sorry, some of your messages were lost! Sigh.

This is a conspiracy, let me tell you. I don't have internet at home, right now... I have to use the school one and the server is so messed up I cannot use Deviant Art properly.
I also have problems with other hosting sites (as I keep getting logged off while I upload things).
It's a nightmare.
Anyways this is the special I was supposed to post the other day in the afternoon.

Go shallalah, all night long!
God help me, I have to upload this to Deviant Art too! Hahahahahaha - I wanna cryyy - hahahahaha!

The update is coming up next and after that a full special of about 6 pages!

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