Sunday, May 22, 2011

Miniature paintings 2

As you can see my miniature museum has increased in size.

What? Deda!!! No more serious illustrations all you do is these miniature paintings now?

Sorry guys, I really have little time to draw these days so I'd rather spend my time on the comic... but while I am in class I can use some of the class time to create quick little canvases and they don't take me more than 10 minutes to produce. I find that rather relaxing.

I want to cover the whole cabinet with them!
I am sure you'll see some to your liking in here hahahaha. For example may I propose you....

I <3 side B.
For the Westley fans who wanted to create a "rear fan club"!

Rose chewing curtains...
(I was thinking about adding actual paper curtains and make this one in 3d) LOL.

This piece is dedicated to the Giovannino fans.
It's called: hello!


Sorry, I feel sooo pop artists now! XDD

I will upload the close up to Callista's yay and Wes and Kes once I manage to take decent pictures of them.


Anonymous said...

and I heart all the other minitures as well!!! They are lovely and fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Omg so fun! I love how you include such meaning into your work. Ok where's my thinking cap...

Anonymous said...

Er sry for spam but the second comment was meant for the colour post. I clearly have not had my morning coffee even though it's noon haha

dedasaur said...

I thought it was funny that a butt could be meaningful... (although it might).

Same for me... it's noon and I haven't had coffee.
I don't think I can move post though LOL

Anonymous said...

Haha no worries... ;)