Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Da fashion game results!

Thank you all for participating in Da Fashion game. It was fun!

I know it closed pretty fast but I am already drawing the girls in their new clothes and I need to add splash panels in the pages :)

So here are the winners!

133 pirates voted for Pea and with 40 votes n.2 was the winner.
(Deda will only add her gloves and they will be brown, she will also be wearing pants) :D - this one was a tough race runners up lost by one vote! O_O Amazing! There were actually 2 runner up for her.

136 pirates voted for Kes and with 72 votes n. 4 is the winner.
(Deda will only simplify the design of the clothes a little bit and give her white socks) :D

139 pirates voted for Lio and the with 66 votes the winnder is n. 2.
(Deda will only make some colors brighter according to the time fashion and give her white socks) :D

141 pirates voted for Castalia and with 64 votes the winner is n. 4.
(Deda will modify this yellow to the original orange color Castalia was wearing and give her pants)

138 pirates voted for Callista and with 70 votes the winner is n. 4
(Deda might remove the yellow from the shirt because it takes attention away from the shoes and will add socks).

I'm adding socks (stockings) and pants because these are winter clothes.
None of the ones I voted for won! Proof yet again that what Calvino said about author and readers never meeting in their understanding of a story is a natural part of life! :D
Isn't this what makes every story unique?

I will clean up these soon and show what they will look like once they're adapted.


Myridd said...

That makes me wonder which ones you voted for? The world may never know

dedasaur said...

I might show it directly.
The main problem for me is having to adapt these colors to my color scheme, which is pretty limited.

So, for example, for Castalia's outfit I am encountering problems because my skin tone is different.

In these drawing the colors look nice and work, but when you transfer it to my colors... aaah... it's a disaster! TT__TT

I have to find a way to fix this.

Myridd said...

I am sure you will come up with something!