Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fynn Frangrances? Why not!

sent me an email yesterday with some changed to her previous entrance to the OC game (remember her? She is the one who submit the shy boy - and she changed him into a younger and chubbier one. Aaah, cute will kill me! *_*)

She also sent this other drawing which I found to be hilarious... and she writes:

"As for the sort of fan art, well, I was at work today and suddenly, this lady steps into my mind shouting "Fynn Fragrances for sale!!" :p
Cat and Foxy got hoodwinked, I'm sure the doctor would have given them a discount. hee ;)"

That's too funny!

I will participate with a little sketch of my own this afternoon. (eventually it will be a pin up in the comic XDDD) So stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

This would definitely be that era's equivalent of Old Spice... eat your heart out, Isaiah Mustafa...