Friday, March 12, 2010

Tic tac 3!

The countdown continues...
As I said I don't use the typical system to make this comic... I use more of an animation system. I do storyboard, pencil drawing, then put a new sheet of paper on the old one and do clean up. That's what I scan in the computer, edit them (put them on the pages) and render... which means I add the color to the pencil and do the sepia shading and the white lighting. In the end I add the balloons with the all the lettering.

I have calculated that if I manage to render e letter 4 pages per day I'll be on time.

Here's the numbers so far.

Lettered pages: 10

Rendered pages: 17

Edited pages: 45

Cleaned up pages: 45

Total pages: 45

As you can see by the number I am done with clean up and editing and am currently rendering and lettering what I have.

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