Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter 3A - curiosities

We have seen a bunch of weird things happen in this chapter.
1) there's a cow on a ship.
2) there are no toilets on a ship.
3) they have warm food on a ship.
4) they are eating sharks.
5) they have wine and play cards.
6) skinny girls are not considered beautiful.

Let's talk about it.

A cow on a ship.

See nowadays they would use these types of ships to transport cuttle from one Country to another... let me tell you these are considered by many environmentalist like a living Hell - for animals die.
Back in the days was even worse.

This is a section of The golden hind sir Francis Drake's ship (you can visit it if you go to London for 6 pounds - I did). Alidivento is halfway between this ship and the Sovereign of the Sea, actually, because it is a razee ship after all. As you can see there are many "floors". On the first floor, on the main deck, I put the kitchen, the storage room on the forecastle and the cabins on the the aftcastle: mess hall, Foxy's cabin and Cat's cabin. Kane's Cabin and sick bay (that's where Westley lodges) are on top, on the poop castle. (that is not where our pirates poop, they go close to the bowsprit as Foxy said.)

Under the main deck there's another floor, it's used for storage, the cannons are there, the crew sleeps there (usually prow, right below the forecastle in the "wedge") and it has many practical uses. There's another store, sometimes below waterline. That depends on how loaded the ship is.
Here we have the brigs and more storage... slaves were kept there in the days of the trade and so was the cuttle - as traders didn't see the difference between the two ;_; sigh. Of course every ship would have its regulations... sometimes sailors and cuttle and brigs were on the same deck. Imagine the stench... well the cuttle would get used to it after a while, trust me! Hahahahah!

There are no toilets on a ship.

So the girls will have to use a bucket and toss the "stuff" overboard once they are done.
That's because they are girls and are being treated nicely.
The crew would just lean overboard and do it, straight into the sea. Don't ask about wiping and washing hands! You don't wanna go there.

They have warm food on a ship.
Usually they don't!
But Quoque-tu... well, you'll learn more about him and find out why there's warm food on Alidivento.

They are eating sharks
That's also related to Quoque-tu being peculiar... Actually the one thing you might want to know is who "invented/imported" the word shark. John Hawkins did! (He recently inspired a character in the One Piece manga too).
I keep wondering why we always remember Henry Morgan, amongst famous pirates (who was mostly more a thief than a pirate) and nobody ever remembers the cool ones! The wikipedia page is not so bad, in this case, and so you can see that Shark is probably a Mayan word - in Europe sharks are also called dogfishes and each of them has its specific name. You can notice that, amongst other things this guy imported tobacco and one thing Castalia really doesn't like: potatoes!
Still, John Hawkins rocks!

They have wine and play cards.

It would be weird if they didn't.
As Caravaggio shows us here, clearly, playing cards and cheating was already very popular back in the days.
You have to know one thing though: amongst commoners it was not very popular to use the French deck.
In fact our pirates are using something like this: with sticks, swords, cups and golds (and maybe a Sicilian version of the deck).
I wonder if they have the one with the werecat attached to the 3 of sticks: il Gatto Mammone.

Skinny girls are not considered beautiful.

Let's face it. Beauty had different standards back in the days... so as boys were liked girly and with long hair... well girls had to be nice and chubby and have "a lot" to fondle!

Now, Cat is not a big sturdy boy but he is used to carry weights and is pretty strong. Considering how lightly he lifts up Feetsie and how his comments go to the fact these girls look too skinny... they must be considerably too light for their height and age.

I guess dear uncle Aristotle Papadopulos was stingy with the girls but not with his soldiers... let's hope the pirate would feed them better food! :D


Black Legacy said...

WAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's a SPANISH deck of cards!!!! >8D
*is spanish* xD

dedasaur said...

yes, it is.
The internet is very limited I could not find Sicilian cards, there's just different colors but they look very similar to the Spanish ones (Sicily had Spanish domination for centuries)