Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chapter 2 is out!

Here we go! We can reset the countdown!

I have decided to upload chapter 2 today, anticipating the deadline!
This is due to the fact that I have taken an important decision: Why should you wait?

This chapter will have 32 pages instead of the 45 announced.
In fact when I came to render this chapter I realized that page 32 had a nice denuement and was a good chapter closure. Also... the following pages feel more of a better intro for chapter 3, which will be called: First Night!

From now on we are done with the intro and the story becomes a sort of... weird slice of life, using pirates as a pretext to create romantic comedy, with some adventure here and there, of course.
The story will still be divided in chapters - which are more to be considered as "the theme of the day" - but I will upload pages more often so you don't have to be a slave of the countdown up there, which is a source of stress for me as well hahahahaha.
This way, as soon as I have a little scene ready, I will upload it and announce it here and on facebook!
So you better keep an eye on the blog!

Go read now! Well, not now... Smackjeeves has a clock and uploads files every 5 minutes... give it some time!

The Italian chapter will be up this evening and will be posted here, using issuu as a support, but with better size an resolution.

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