Thursday, March 18, 2010

How was it?

I wanted to thank everybody for the nice comments! Here and in other places around the web.

You might have noticed by now that there are a lot of references to the Mediterranean culture, the food, the language, the sayings and the gestures (somebody noticed the initial Italian proverb on page 1 and giggled like crazy: yes, the dot of a letter "i" is also known as fly poop, but I cannot use that as it is not accessible to most readers - and definitely saying tittle is not as funny and I would spend hours writing post to explain what a tittle is and that tittle is not tits and so on XD - know thy trolls - and also would not convey the image of a world so far away in time and a land so tiny that it's just a tiny dot on a piece of paper).

I would like to comment back, some of you may already have read what I am about to say so... if you are a member of Muppy, you don't have to read!

To Shara, who was happy to see some... flesh: let's get rid of a myth... sailors don't go around all dressed and in perfect order! :gnegne:
We shall leave that privilege to Hollywood. We shall see many members of Kane's crew, cute or ugly, go around shirtless and barefoot: 1) the climate in the Mediterranean area is very mild 2) the story is set in summer so it's hot 3) we're on a ship, under the sun. 4) you can't climb up any rigging if you are all dressed like a scarecrow (no jacket, no vest, no frilly frills).
Sailors have always gone around half naked, on their ships, life was hard enough and having to care about clothes would be too much. They are baked by the sun, have rough and callous hands, suffer from diarrhea and other little problems (which we will see, I promise).
Usually a dress code was required for officers... but these are all guys who escaped from the military and merchantile marine. Plus Kane is not interested in any forms.. except for grammar.:gnegne:

Also sailor are very good seamstress!

Juny: yes, some pirates have no teeth due to scruvy.

Trust our doctor, he has developed a solution to this problem. As Kane previously said: fruit is a luxury when you live on the sea. God knows... Wilson Kane loves fruits. So he asks to stop around the island often to get some fresh fruits. Our doctor's solution, though, will be: lemonade!

Shara again mentioned the smell: yes, water was for drinking and sometimes not even for that! Hahahahaha. But keeping water very long could be dangerous.
Kane asks to stop on islands often to get fresh water too... but being dirty and smelly can also be source of typhus and prostatic problems.
That is why the doctor suggested the crew should bathe once a month... and the reward will be sweet. Usually the bath/reward falls on the first wednesday of the month.

After considering water and vitamins let's think about calcium too. You have to know that Cat loves cheese very much. One of Kane's favorite prey is a guy called Sliced Hamm he is a merchant of salame and cheese.

Breed who says she has problems with the twins and their names: this is normal, right now, and I swear I'll make your life harder in chapter 4! LOL. With time, though, it will be easier to distinguish them.
Cassiopea will probably not be loved very much. I love her though, she has strong principles and she is there to say: when a woman says no, she means no!

Kane's final speech lets you understand a bit about him. We'll get to know more about his take on life soon. What I can tell you right now is... that Wilson Kane is the type of guy who would not give you a fish, if you were hungry, but he would give you the fishing tools.

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