Thursday, March 04, 2010

Martin Steeves

After a long break a little surprise...

Height: 6,2
Age: 26
Hair: blonde
Eyes: grey

The pirate hunter!
Oh, yes... we do have one!
I am not going to tell much about him... except we will see him in chapter four and it will be a super funny encounter. This guy - supposedly the most handsome man in Europe (so much that both men and women faint at his sight) - is actually pretty dumb!
He is proud, stuck up, head strong... believes in his principles and goes his way with great tenacity.
But he is dumb.
In fact he is do dumb... and so chivalrous (to the point of being ridiculous) and so honest... that the pirates cannot get themselves to hate him seriously! Oh, no, they absolutely love him and are so happy to meet him and tease him all the time - bad bullies!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, what a pretty - and hunky - male specimen :D .
Somehow I feel our pirate boys will be amiably pulling his leg a-la Lupin vs Zenigata , just a little XD.

I'm sorry for the bad coming back trip. Bastards ;_;

scarylion.roar said...

He is half a Javert?

dedasaur said...

Not really hahaha.
Javert is supposed to be pretty smart (at least in the book) and poor Martin is too simple minded to be compared to Javert.