Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello! (shyly appears from behind a corner)

I know I know what you're saying: What? Deda, what are you doing? You're showing pictures of the rough only now?!? There's only 5 days left to upload!

I knooooow!!!!

Still this is as far as I could go this week and I still have a pile of homework to check out. Sigh.

Anyway let me blabber for a few minutes.

First of all I'd like to say the yesterday's Fan Art was a great success!
The blog was super visited - even more than on release dates hahahahaha!
Way to go Supervillain!

I take advantage of this to encourage you all to do more and participate to the fun *_* I already prepared folders for all the characters and I expect to fill them with beautiful drawings, fan fictions, anything to your liking!
Go for it guys!

Also I introduce you: the polls!!! Yeah yeah! Neat toys, aren't they? I love polls. I was thinking it would be fun to see what you think about the characters right now and if the results will change with time! (for instance I put Josh in the list but we haven't seen much of him, yet).
In the future we'll have: my favorite pairing is...

Now a message to the visitors of this blog!

You might be curious to know numbers and statistics, soooo... our top ten visitors are:

1. Italy
2. United States
3. Netherlands
4. Kuwait
5. Australia
6. Canada
7. Poland
8. Brazil
9. Russia
10. United Kingdom

You are fantastic, I love you!

To my Italian friends: grazie per tutto il sostegno! Siete grandi!
To my American friends: you almost beat up the Italian visitors! Wohoooo! Go for it!
To my friend from the Netherlands: you know, if I manage to get this thing going the way I want to you'll see the son of the Second Pirate Balthasar (Wilson Kane is the 5th)... who was Dutch! Of course I was inspired by the most famous Ducth Pirate to ever sail on the Barbary Coast: Simon The Dancer/ Simon Rei's!

Anyway, I don't want to be partial so: I thank you all very much for following my blabbers all the time.

Stick around I'll post Cat's paper doll in the afternoon! ;)

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Anonymous said...

*hyperventilating* the rough drawing on the top right corner, kyahhh *_* .
Also, yay, fanart power XD. Go sisters go!
Btw, it looks like both me and Carla, while supporting a different guy (purple vs teal, ohohohoh XD), both like the most the big eater so far XD.
About the visitors countries, somehow I wasn't expecting Kuwait. Well, well, looks like your story and characters appeal to both easterners and westerners ;D.