Thursday, December 01, 2011

Secret Santa, anyone?

I was Stinking... yeah, that too... but I was thinking... why don't we play a Secret Santa game this year?

Of course cyber Secret Santa.

It's the usual give and take.

You enroll a Secret Santa.
You make a wish and take a wish into your hands.
You make that wish come true and somebody else will grant yours in return.

So let's say: Jane enrolls and says: I can draw! And I want a Quoque/Rose fanfiction.
Another person would enroll and say: I can write that fan fiction but I want a poetry in return.
Another person would go: I can write poetry and I want a drawing of Kane.
The first person will say: cool I draw Kane for you.

Tadaaaaa. Secret Santa set in place. Everybody gets a gift. So the first thing you do is you enroll, state your skill and make a request.
I will create a table, that I will keep updating putting an X when the wish is taken.

How do we keep this secret? It might be troublesome but we have to go through email only:

I hope you decide to play! :D


Raian said...

Is this where to enroll?
Well, I can draw (not Deda's style, sorry >///<) but I want a fanfiction of Foxy and Cat meeting (:

is that how? if so, that's my enrolment!

dedasaur said...

done! You're enrolled! :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me see if I got it right XD.
I can draw (smut too :p)... and I'd love a fanfiction (a little drabble or vignette is ok too, it doesn't have to be long ^^ ) about young Kane and Josh in their street perfomers years XD.
I could also write a fanfic (if you're ok with WesxKes or Pifo XD ), but I'm better at drawing ^^.

Jenny said...

I guess there will be lots of painters XD
Well, I can draw and I want a picture(if it's possible in this game))) of Wes, Kes and their child at Christmas time:)

Camila said...

I can draw! (couples, pin ups, take your pick =3) A I'd love a cute, lovely fanfiction about Callista and Cat exchanging presents.

Is an erollment good this way? =/

dedasaur said...

yes, perfect!

you guys are doing it right
, and this sounds exciting!

Ellie said...

I can write and I'd like a picture of the whole crew with all the couples together.

Vulpini said...

Sent you an Email, Deda! :)