Saturday, December 10, 2011

M&M kinda like the candies.

I always like to give these little suggestions using acronyms and such. I think it's easier to remember them and never loose sight of where you start from, so you get to know where you are going.

So we started with a D+D+D and then I added In&Out.

Today, before we tackle the nature of the conflict, I wanted to talk about M&m's... yes kinda like the candies but not really.

Sometimes I forget about M&M's because I take them for granted.

Then today I saw this cheesy t-shirt, when I was riding the train and that's when I thought: oh, yeah, these are two of those things you can never leave out of your sight while you pick theme, thesis, dream and conflict.

What are the M&m's of storytelling? As simple as that: whatever you do make it meaningful, make it memorable.

As I previously stated don't just pick a theme without exploring a thesis: a story with no opinions is not worth reading. Things need to be meaningful, people must be able to related to them. Always start from meaningful... how to make it memorable will come with the crafting of your work.

Definitely find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Have your knowledge guide you, go where nobody has gone before... boldly go.

Even though these two words will become more fundamental when we'll talk about empathy, sympathy and appeal... and craft.... I want you to keep them in the back of your mind, like a dark shadow and plan things ahead with a goal in mind: make it meaningful and make it memorable.
So take them into consideration from the very start of your idea.

I know what you are thinking right now, this is a suggestion that is not a suggestion is a Captain Obvious... oh, yeah? Let me tell you one thing: this is a suggestion that is more of a reminder because sometimes people who think they are following M&m's get lazy before they even start and don't want to be bother about it - then their show gets cancelled!

The more obvious things are the ones we never look at.

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