Saturday, December 17, 2011

November the pirate way!

November is made of awesome and Pifo si all Kyaa kyaa about it.
I wanted to draw him in pure UPA style (just to see if I could do it)... God, I love the old UPA cartoons, they were the best!

As I already mentioned on Facebook yesterday, the Secret Santa stocking at my door moved someone deeply and bore fruits. Muah ah ah! So I found these - and a book about violent vegetables - waiting for me!
These are from Teressa, one of my students, and she made stickers (that I already plastered all over my sketchbook, kyaaah). She also made stickers of little monster but I shall not post them here because I don't know if she has a website I can link to (and you know I am very particular when it comes to attribution).

So... yay for pirate stickers! *W*/

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