Friday, December 02, 2011

Secret Santa Wishes.

Hello there, thank you for being so fast at responding at the Secret Santa game... it might be because there is not enough time, right?

Okay let's start by making a list of the wishes I received because the next step of the game, after you volunteered, would be to decided which one of this wishes you would like to make come true (in exchange for somebody else's making YOUR wish come true).

First arrived first served applies. So be quick at choosing! XD

Here's the list of the wishes:

Dear Secret Pirate Santa I would like a:

1) a Fanfic about Young Martin Steeves.
2) A Drawing of Cat
3) A Fanfic about how Cat and Foxy met.
4) A Fanfic of Josh and Kane in young years.
5) A Drawing of Castalia dominating Kane (This could be sword fighting or... something else... xD)
6) A Drawing of Wes, Kes and little Itzak at Christmas time.
7) A Fanfic of Cat and Callista exchanging presents. 
8) Cute Cat art.

So 8 participants so far. All of them can draw, 3 of them can write and one of them is also a poet.

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