Saturday, December 03, 2011

Secret Santa Update

Another little update on the Secret Santa list before I pass on to the classic post about storytelling (due later on this afternoon, my afternoon, more or less in 6 hours).

So far we have 11 participants, 5 of which already found a Secret Santa. 6 of them have yet to pick whose wish they want to make come true.

Wishes with a Secret Santa:

1) a cute Cat art;
2) A regular drawing of Cat;
3) Westley, Kes and Itzak at Christmas time;
4) A picture of the whole crew with all the couples together;
5) Castalia, Kane and Fickle reading Christmas stories;

Wishes left with no Santas:

1) A drawing of a fencing, shirtless Martin; (<--- new entry)
2) A drawing of Castalia dominating Kane (it may be during a duel)
3) A fanfic about young Martin;
4) A fanfic about how Cat and Foxy met;
5) A fanfic about Cat and Callista exchaning presents;
6) A fanfic about Kane and Josh in their young years;

I have 3 people who can write who could tackle the fanfic now, but since you already made a wish remember that it is your time to give back.
If a fourth writer doesn't show up I'll become the fourth one and you'll get an original story instead (but it's a secret santa until the very last moment so you won't know).

I keep forgetting to mention datelines.

Dateline for Secret Santa Submission is December 24th, because the presents will be posted on Christmas day! 

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