Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chapter 17 curiosities

 Not that many curiosities this week as I did not receive any particular question.

Except for these two panels regarding: how comes Pea does not see Martin and Martin does not see Pea?

Well, as stated in the second panel it's a problem of eye level.

If somebody is taller then your eye level it's very difficult to spot just as much as if he/she were shorter.

 Because humans belong to predatorial species the eyes are right in the front (as a vegetarian I should have eyes to the side of my head like Rose hahahaah). Looking up or down is not something we do naturally.

So unless we do have a member of our family who is particularly tall or short we never get into the habit of looking outside of a certain cone of vision that would cover a total of 60 degrees per eye but you also have to calculate the distance which will establish as well the boundaries of your peripheral vision. In this case, for Martin, since he is looking above eye level the straight line also represent the bottom limit of his peripheral vision.

Now there is something like 30 to 32 cm difference between Pea and Martin and let me tell you, personal experience, tall guys are not easily spotted by very short people (I always get lost in crowds because I am easily distracted... you know how I find my friends? I look at feet).

Porchetta it's a typical Central Italian dish.
It's basically roasted boneless pork with black pepper.

Usually found in fairs, can be sliced off and used to make panini.

Some times, for display, you see the head of the pig still attached to it.

I was never very fond of it but diets in the past were more meat based than today and definitely more used to strong flavors.

I think somebody asked if fickle is on a leash. Yup, it has a little chain attached to Kane's wrist. When Kane leave him behind, like in the bagno's room, he would perch him up somewhere but tie his little silver chain to something heavy.

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