Wednesday, December 07, 2011

On women's underwear and stays

I found this very nice lecture by H. Kristina Haugland, associate curator of Costume and Textiles at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

 You will see that even though she stays on the XVII for a few minutes (the lecture is but an hour in length) she confirms a few of the things I was telling you about women undergarments:

 1) Women did not wear drawers, briefs, panties... nothing! (nor did men, that's where the doctatorship comes in XD)
2) Women bled in their clothes when they had their period.

 As she Dr. Haugland says, it must have been really easy for women to relieve themselves.

Now we come to a point where I need clarify one thing: I depicted the girls wearing corsets or bustiers (which Wes erroneously calls busts)but the fact is they should be wearing stays instead. I used the word corsets to help me crack a joke... on retrospective it probably wasn't a good idea. ^^"

So I draw them sleeveless in the beginning of the story because we start in summer and I thought it would help me depict the weather and probably that wasn't a good idea either... soon you'll see me draw "corsets" no more!
 So I don't want you to think: where did the corset go? The fact is... stays are embed and attached to the dress itself at times, it's not a separate piece of garment. Or even if it is a separate piece... it has sleeves. so if you think: wait, that's a new dress... actually it's her underwear.

I am saying this right now to warn you that Pea will start a revolution on a piece of underwear (and maybe I shall go back and fix some of my previous drawings too (for consistency sake).

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