Sunday, December 04, 2011

Chapter 17 curiosities

Bombs with cream or bomboloni (also known as Krapfen in other countries) is a deep fried dessert - remember what I told you about deep frying? Super fancy! - filled with cream or chocolate or jam according to liking. If you go to Sicily you'd find a variation with ricotta cheese and chocolate or chestnut cream.

Now for Castalia, who does not know how to cook a proper meal, to take the initiative to go to the kitchen and ask Pifo and Quoque for help in preparing such a complicated meal.... it means she truly believes Kane deserve a very special breakfast... or as Pifo stated: women like to reward men when they do something right, by giving them good food. It's like positive reinforcement to proper behavior! LOL

Bombe alla crema
Sicilian Iris

 If foxy is calculating a route on a map it means we are no longer navigating coastal. Navigation is the pilot's job (although, at times, the captain would calculate the route himself) and it requires accurate calculations. If Foxy did not "take" the meridian properly he messed up in the calculation of  the longitude. It was a common problem, though, before the chronometer was invented (1714 if I remember correctly) to be precise in the calculation of longitudes. So it's not like Foxy is stupid, he is quite a good pilot, but... there's always room for improvement, now, isn't there?

 Kane was... spacing out while spaced out because he was spaced out and so he said he was... he is... he was...

The guy is not there with his head and while he is about to say something: I was a bit.. engrossed in my thoughts...
Instead of finishing the sentence he announces that is about to space out... spacing out... and gone! (Just like Cassandra closed her bed)

I am sure everybody understood what went wrong here - they went all the way the wrong way and in the worse way for both a man and a woman - and it was a maaaaajor disaster. This is something pretty humiliating for Kane too (maybe girls don't understand this part, although they totally hate it when it happens to them: what? That was it? You are done?) and he definitely wasn't planning it. Thanks to Castalia this big accident is turned into a small one (although she should be more affected by it).

This is still not the reason why Kane kiss and doesn't tell.
If you think about it if she is making him bombs with cream (and almost die trying) he really must have kept his promise to make it better.

Kane is usually composed in his reactions, except when he is mad and goes ballistic on people, especially after Castalia's arrival. Because his scary reaction is seriously scary he has a very strong control over people. He can go from super calm to very angry in a split second but we saw him change a bit and starting staring people down, observe them sideways, give them a grin, controlling them with a grip or with a word.

So because most of the times he acts either composed or scary I really wanted to show his true colors for once... a bit of weakness too. He's gone softer, whether this is good or not we shall see... but is the Kane we see truly truly the real Kane? Or is it this guy we just saw shake and loose it in Castalia's arms?

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