Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kane's voice: Submission 2

Alright, I leave you with another quick parchment drawing and a new submission for a voice.

Another Kane, wohooo, and this time around it's in Italian. So close your eyes (the voice actor does not match the face of the real actor) and listen to the sound even if you don't understand what's going on. XDDD
This Luca Ward:

Elianthos says: "Luca Ward's voice is 100% audioporn imho XD and he's often cast as a villian. A hell of a sexy villian at that. I think his voice could suit Cosimo's well in some key aspects, as in dark, dangerous, sexy and refined even at his most furious. Yet even at his mellowest it retains a certain edge, that extra something :Q___ . My only doubt concerns his register: when Kane sings he's a baritone. Maybe Ward's voice is a tad too low. But in my head whenever kane speaks I dub him with Ward's molten dark chocolate tones *ç* . On the other hand Ward's everyday non acting voice is quite compatibile with Kane's more lighthearted side XD. ---- Also... hear him reading poetry *_*: = Kane's 'bedroom voice' *ç* . P.S.: in the first video he stars as King Balthasar too ;p . Oh the serendipity. "

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Lauand said...

I love this parchment series. This pic in particular is wondrous!