Saturday, November 05, 2011

A long week-end

I definitely need to give this boy some pants.

He has been walking around the house in underwear for the past week and my friends play with him in very wrong way. Once he'll have his mask on he'll look like a pirate one can take seriously.

But I forgot my acrylic paint in school so I cannot paint his face (right now it's just sketched in).

I will be posting a second entry to the voice game tonight, so today double post :D
I hope more of you will go in search for new voices, especially if you don't quite feel for the ones that have already been submitted.

Then it's about time I start looking for calendar templates :D

Btw if you want to see the work in progress for this boy you can read it on my tumblr. My next doll will have round joints.

3 more days to update.
I have to fix a few links on the blog, update the wallpaper area.

But it's a long weekend. For instance I am going to try and take photos of the golden illustration that my scanner wasn't able to scan properly.

I will fix the typos and recompile the update.
I need to draw a few more pages, and a little extra. I haven't drawn one in ages and the chapter is almost at its end.

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