Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Chapter 16 C curiosities

There aren't many curiosities this week, except for the fact that Pifo now kinda switched sides (LOL, yes, he is still gay but for some reason he's not in the girls' club anymore).

In fact this is the remark that gets him kicked out and sent directly to boys' night. It's the second strike! He had already commented on Kes being cruel.

Don't you know, Pifo? During girls' night you always take your sisssttaaaas' side! ;P Welcome QT to the club.

Okay, so Kane was still very vague with the flowers and bees, but Castalia is really super dense.
Anyways now she knows... so what's next?

The other detail that doesn't show up very much in the previous page is that Rose gets to have her flashback anyways... but instead of remembering her first time with Jack, not another Unchained Moolody, she finally remembers that Kes had not been very nice between the bushes.

So she's all like, Moooo, I remember you: you got to pee!

Kes can be pretty scary!

Alright, it was a short update. We learned a bit of the differences between the girls and also that Kane is the kind of guy that would boast about everything except intimacy (whether he has a intimate life or not).

The End

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