Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aar the somali pirate

Since we are entering the final stages of our regular stories I am already beginning to plan what comes up next.

In one of her adventures Castalia will find a new friend, a Somali man named Aar (whom she calls Hey). He will be taller and bigger than Kane and the first African pirate in the crew - with all the left handed compliments that might come with his arrival, making fun of Cat who is the longer the tanner pirate on board.

This was my initial idea but I have been evolving a bit from this. I do not want the typical, stereotypical, bulky "black servant" you see in old comics (like Man Drake's servant for example). He still has to be close enough to the Arabian world to reach our environment.
He shall be wearing something like a saarong which will also trigger many jokes and fun accidents.

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