Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Turkey Doomsday.

While turkeys all over U.s. tell us: we have nothing to thankful for.
Us pirate say: happy turkey doomsday, folk!

I do so miss pumpkin pie.


Unfortunately here, today, there is nothing to thank for, it was a tough week and it couldn't have ended in a worse way.
As if the weather knew, the sky is dark and rain falls down like tears.
I will leave the blog silent and empty, today.

I just want to tell you guys that even when times seem rough there are always things worth living for - I've been through that, I've survived it and I can honestly tell you: it does get better, you do get stronger... and that if you need to talk there are people ready to listen to you. People who care. So talk, don't decide all by yourselves. Talk.

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