Thursday, November 24, 2011

Calendar polls closed

This is another Noppakao, or should I say Noppacow! A fan art of Rose by my mentor Noppy.

The polls for the calendar are closed, results:

(landscape) horizontal for the desk
15 (51%)
(portrait) vertical for the wall
12 (41%)
with the illustration on the calendar
16 (55%)
illustration and calendar should be separated
6 (20%)

Only 29 people voted I guess that's how many I a working for! XDD Anyways the calendar is into its 7th month and will be a desk calendar with the illustration on the calendar.
Just for the heck of it I will make a posterlike one with the calendar in the middle and the illustrations to the side... because some people wanted to hang stuff on the walls.

So I've asked if you wanted anything for Christmas... and it seems like you have everything... gosh, so hard to give presents to people who already have everything...

so here is my proposal:

- maybe I could design for you Christmas decorations.
- maybe I could design for you a paper Christmas stocking to hang on the wall so that pirate Santa can bring you pirate presents.

Talk now or for ever hold you peace and I shall draw whatever comes to my pirate mind!

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Vulpini said...

Christmas Ornaments would be SO COOL! D: We could also print them out and hang them around our car mirrors and stuff! :D

What if you made Paper Dolls?