Thursday, November 17, 2011

Westley's voice: first entry. (I think)

Alright another little parchment drawing (I have one more and for now I stop because I have to seriously start with the calendar) with the Balthasars.

There's a bit of white gouache in this one.

Now we go to voice game entry for Westley. (LOL the music in the video is soooo cheesy). Again don't look at the video, just listen to the voice. This is Claudio Capone, he is known for giving the voices to many cool actors in the past (he died 2 years ago) and is our sir Richard Attenborough when it comes to documentaries.

Here is what elianthos has to say:

"Whenever I try to hear Wes talking the voice I hear is... Claudio Capone's . A voice that has both charisma and charm and can be very very pleasant and seductive (he also dubbed Ridge Forrester from the Bold & The Beautiful soap opera, aka the resident hot piece of a** and in-series Casanova ). I'd listen to Capone for hours in utter delight XD. Unfortunately - and quite surprisingly provided his long career in the dubbing business in our country - the numbers of videos featuring him online are very few. This features his serious&persuading voice mode: while this other one shows his more frivolous ads voice mode XD (*insert joking!Wes here* )"


Gargantuan Media said...

These are Italian film cards for Rome Video vacations. Really bizarre! And shot in 2008? Looks like 1991...

dedasaur said...

It was a weird idea, I don't know why they even came up with it LOL.
It's a funny video.

Anyways fashion was very different in 1991, big hair and stuff and shiny checkered pants XDD The 90's were quite weird.

The cards were not very successful, clearly, you cannot expect to send media around like that and not have it damaged by the postal services all over the world. hahahaha