Thursday, January 06, 2011

Release in a few hours!

Are you excited?
I hope I don't mess it up, my files are a bit disorganized due to overwhelming load of work these days, my internet is acting funky too. My saturday off is gone.

I am pretty sure tomorrow's lecture will be empty too. Sigh.

Here... you'll see Pifo this happy in chapter 10 but, before that, there's a little special (it's not a Pifo special it's a Wes & Kes so if you don't like them you can skip it but I will upload it anyway :P and it's 7 pages!).

This morning I was treated like a printer machine. I don't see why people get so demanding about stuff that is for free.
There are many ways to point out things... a kind and understanding tone would be nice, I am a human being.

It's not like demanding things will want to make me go any faster. On the contrary. I was so tempted to just say: oh, yeah? You'll get it tomorrow then!

After all I did put an extra page up that was not meant to be there... and sometimes I just really have to remind people that this is just a comic.
Do I really have to? I thought it was obvious! I thought we were having fun...


Unknown said...

Sorry if we're very impatient... I feel eager for it anyway, especially when it's a page a day now... it was certainly worth the wait...
I also wanted to point out that there was a bit of a retcon between Pifo leading the exercises, then going back into the corn trance later that morning... could you explain that?

dedasaur said...

As I said it wasn't you.
Somebody just wrote a bitchy comment on Smack Jeeves because I uploaded the Italian page and I was tempted to just postpone the release altogether.

The whole pee/Kane-Pifo-Wes episode is right after Kane wakes up and splashes himself... before Cat meets Callista on deck, after Cassandra looks in the doctor's diary... before the morning Gym.

It's placed like that so that when you re-read the chapter the second time you see the pages in a different way. Particularly when it comes to the gym episode... if you re-read it Pifo's "definitely" has a different meaning.

If I were to put indication "a few hours before, a few minutes later, at the same time" it would become redundant and would also not make more sense. So because he is in a trance all night and then you see the ship awakening and you know that the whole chapter jumped back and forth... instead of spoon-feeding you I am trying your memory to see if you (the readers) paid attention and can peace the thing together just by some simple details: Lio and foxy on different ship, Cat not dressed, Kane already splashed, the doc still in Hell... Pifo still in trance... WHY? Then during the gym you go: oooh they kissed... oooh and Pifo now know who Amil is XDD

Unknown said...

Pea had arrived just after the exercises, though and wasn't Foxy still on the ship with Lio then?

dedasaur said...

Check out the new version. I spent the whole night fixing chapter 9 - I still think the dream is crowded.

Pea is the last one to return on board... the thing was clearer in the Italian version so I had to rephrase the English version tonight.