Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Musketeer Fan Art

Finally! I finished the Musketeer fan art!
LOL it took me for ever... honestly this one was tough.
First of all I didn't think anybody would want to vote for the Musketeers (I thought I only the only Dumas freak out here) XDDD...

I had it planned differently first, for age reason Foxy was supposed to be D'Artagnan... then again... how to cover Kane's face? Well, I thought, since D'Artagnan is from Gascony and Kane is from Sicily they are both from the South and that sealed the deal.

So we have on the top floor of our Alsatian home: a husband Pifo who should be jealous of his wife Cassandra but he is way more into the Wesramis (Westley/Aramis) running away off the window. On the bottom floor... D'Artakane (LOL) is kissing goodbye to Castaliance (Castalia/Constance) and then Athoxy (horrible Athos/Foxy) pulling him away while Porthocat yells to hurry up.

Does it make sense? It doesn't! It's okay, I don't get it either! XDDD

1 comment:

Elena said...

Stupendo Deda, complimenti!
Io amo alla follia i moschettieri (in particolare Aramis). Uno dei miei sogni, oltre che vivere nel passato ed essere un pirata, è vivere nel passato ed essere un moschettiere XD
Ancora complimenti, sei bravissima come sempre! E auguri di buon anno :)