Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where are we?

Previously on TPB!

1) We just turned one!
2) We are on chapter 10 (and I have up until page 35 ready, the chapter will have 45 pages)
3) The Artbook is in the making.
4) The Real Beauty game is still ongoing.
5) The 25 expression challenge is still open.
6) Remember to vote for Fickle (us) on TWC XD
7) Remember to talk about us and spread the love with your friends...
8) I am working on a new set of illustrations... if I can find time T_T sigh.
9) I am trying to figure out a cover for chapter 11
10) The idiot in the picture is me pulling a Kes!

Have a great day!

(message updated)
P.s. I usually keep useful link to the sides of the blog. Left for Contest, games, visitors, fans and friends. The right column is for chapter, curiosities and blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I find info on e 25 expression challenge? Thanks. - Isolde

dedasaur said...

Hi Isolde,
I usually keep useful links to the side columns. I am going to move them up so they are easier to find.

I also updated the post so that you can find the direct links to what you need.

Anonymous said...

oooo k thanks :) - Isolde