Monday, January 31, 2011

Pea's makeover

I wanted to create a little game about this... then I got distracted by my parents and actually posted the answer to my question on Deviant Art.

Let's see how many of you will try to play the game anyway without going to peek over there.
At the end of chapter 10 we'll meet two girls, Yester and Nairi who'll do 3 things: make coffee, say grace before meals and give Pea a make over.
What's their Nationality?

The coffee part is not a clue but an influence... oh, this is a tic tac post by the way XDDD

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Paninni said...

OK, I did a bit of a research and here are my results/guesses:
1. My first guess was Italian, because of the coffee (first coffee house in Europe) and the saying grace before meals, because I know that Italy is quite a religious country.
2. But the names weren't quite right, so I thought maybe Turkish. But than the religious part is not quite right as the people there are mostly Muslim.
3. So I went on Wikipedia and found the Armenian Apostolic Church fitting the criteria the best. So my final guess would be Armenian.
But I still don't know about the clothing..