Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pifo: Photo Fan Art

Let's start with the first surprise of the year!

My friend Rey decided to do a cosplay of Pifo for her wonderful toy boy doll! (who will soon have a make-over too).

She must have been a real good girl because this is what Santa brought her for Christmas - in fact she kinda disappeared the day after because she started playing with him and making clothes for the boy.

Of course if you are your own Santa the presents are always THIS good - because you were wonderful the whole year and deserve something so special, right?

I must confess, every time I see these dolls I feel like sculpting again!

Anyways... she said that she was trying wigs and put a girl's wig on him... when, suddenly, she put this one on he looked so very much like Pifo that she had to dress him up and pose him.

This is an Io by Soom - very beautiful, posable and expensive dolls!

See the clothes? She made those herself. Isn't she brilliant?
I really really really love the shirt... and the pants are just perfect.

The only thing he is missing is cucumbers or corn... otherwise I'll have to switch to apples so that I could just match this wonder. *_*

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