Thursday, January 13, 2011

Power up!!! è_é

Today I was trying to re-calculate the pages and upgrade the calendar, since a lot of stuff got shifted around.
It was necessary to introduce and solve some situations before we got to town... so by shifting some things, here and there, all the summaries are now a full chapter behind. Truth is some of the stuff that was supposed to happen after, it already happened and so some other summaries will eventually disappear and turn into something else.

The other thing I found out, by calculating the number of pages I had left for the chapter, was that chapter 10B will be 16 pages, not 12, and chapter 10 C will be 16 pages instead of 15. So we'll have, again, a full chapter of 45 pages (while originally chapter 10 was only a 39 pages chapter).

What was chapter 10 is now chapter 11! This might probably make The Pirate Balthasar 21 chapters long, instead of 20... the Epilogue will be the first chapter of volume 6 - which means Pifo will get a cover too - and the volume with all the extras and the next generation might happen for real.

Unless I decide that something more should happen and then Balthasar itself gets longer. We'll see. So far there's a lot of new stuff that I am writing in... sometimes simply because I miss the aunties and want to see them again. XDDD
The main storyline will not change at all... I simply ask myself questions and try to answer them to have a better flowing character arc.

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Anonymous said...

Evviva il capitolo in più e la futura copertina con Pifo! \^o^/