Saturday, January 01, 2011

Real beauties... first entry of the year.

Welcome to the new, interesting castings for the year 2011. Who will join our crew with his/her own flesh and bones?

From Singapore with love... Linni proposes some interesting faces for our Papadopulos girls.
Are you ready?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Pea.

Click on the names for Callista and Lio!

Next... she proposes: Doutzen Kroes

For Castalia:


And with food she thinks of Kes... don't we all? XDDD

And she is not done yet. This is Lena Gercke!

And again, with food, we have Kes.

Hold on, hold on... Look at Anna Kostoglotova as Calista... isn't she a cutie?

And for those who want to see the beef... I told you, right... that elianthos was taking her job seriously...
Let me tell you: she's already moved to the rest of the cast.
So stay tuned for we may have found the aunties... but for sure she did spot a very very interesting Quoque Tu/Amil:

Are you not convinced? You'll be sold on these:

Dear Nir Lavi... let me ask you: can you cook?

If the answer is "yes" you're our cook! :D


Anonymous said...

oooh, I really like the first girl and the food pics XD. Lena especially looks very Kes with her tongue licking her lips XD *pictures her holding some corn* .
The other girl with the giant lolly is a major hottie but I think the other girls are closer to the TPB sisters, as they have overall softer facial features.
And... there's a whole army of -ova girls from the East that could suit the Papadopulos it seems XD.
Droop(ier) eyes for Quoque - the shape only, as Nir Lavi has the iris color and eyelashes down already- might be taken from this . Francesc Rodiz, Spanish hunk.

Anonymous said...

Can we kiss the cook?