Sunday, January 02, 2011

POC 4!

As the trailers for the 4th movie finally begin to flood the internet I can finally start some gossip around what it could go right or wrong! *_* This should be fun.
I'm a bit scared. I love the first movie and hate the second and the third one.

Clearly one good thing already showing in the fourth one is that they finally dumped the garbage (Will and Elizabeth)... from what I gather they had to put another romantic, cute couple in there so we'll never be rid of these clean kids! I don't have anything against romantic couples but a romantic hero should be at least as cool as he is set up to be (fencing against Jack and sucking for the rest of the movie? Dear Will, you are a flat tire and every time you show up the movie drags).
Elizabeth should have taken a poisoned apple! I am not for pure heroes or perfect heroes... but she is not a heroine with a weakness, she is a heroine who does not arc. Interrupted heroes are unsatisfactory!

Am I complaining to much about the fact that stories are getting so plot driven that nobody cares about how the characters mature anymore?
Dear God, I'm becoming like my mother, always repeating the same stuff over and over again (so even the Bengal cat... I thought our friend guessed right... sorry, I must have talked so much about it that it must be even boring to re-read the same stuff over and over! So please stop me when I blabber too much about this or that!)

Come on, we want stinky, filthy pirates! We are talking Caribbean here, shortest but loudest and God-knows-why, most famous Era in Piracy - thanks to Hollywood! (historically speaking probably one of the most boring).

From what the trailer shows... this could go either very very right or very very wrong.
Very very right would be something ironic, fun and entertaining kinda like the first Pirate of the Caribbean and The Mummy. With dialogues that sounds like they are taken out of a 1939 adventure movie... sparkling, clever, musical and pretty much hilarious!

One would think that Rossio and Elliot could manage to keep steady writing but they didn't: they went ooc in 2 and 3 and completely betrayed Jack in movie n.2!
My guess is: they either gave everything they got into the first one... or... they got very lucky! Or they only had one good story to tell.

Chances are: they did not put the cool stuff in the trailer (like they did for the first movie) and it will turn out to be pretty ironic and entertaining... or... they put all the best stuff in the trailer and... the movie will be like a deflated soufflé. I might suggest, since ghost were in the first movie, aliens in the second one, and titans in the third aaand now zombies in the fourth: how about ninjas in the fifth, vampires in the sixth and Sheldon Cooper in the 7th movie?

Then we should totally pass onto more chick-flick stuff (it's called par condicio): have the Bennet sisters fight-clubing the pirates or pirates riding unicorns. I have plenty of ideas and I don't have to Google them.

(you know, right, how zombies came to be? If you search Google by "subject"... Jane Austen is the most searched thing by girls and Zombies is for boys: that's how "Pride and Prejudice with zombies" came to be: they google it! - dare you tell me you are not evil, google? XDDD)

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