Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cat and Callista - Fan Art

As promised I survived Open House and can finally post the Fan art.
Please go and visit leela4fry (gotta love that nick) on Deviant Art and leave her comments!

Cat and Callista by ~leela4fry on deviantART

and now, I am going to add her to the list of people kidnapped by our pirates muahahahahahahah!


Unknown said...

I noticed your comment about how Lissie's shyness is the main reason for the long time... I suspect it's also Cat's wish not to let his hunger manifest all at once in one fell swoop for fear of hurting or frightening her... he doesn't know how to handle a girl gently yet, as you had pointed out on that one page of the special... I hope he can learn how by then... and the picture is pretty good...

dedasaur said...

for Cat there's another reason. It will unfold itself in the comic :D