Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tic tac 12!

Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you.
Another uninteresting post, except I can now tell you I am done drawing and will start clean up today!
As you can see the gossip society is still very active! It will get worse! Hahahaha.
In this part of the chapter Cat is absolutely my hero!
Such a little guy with such a big heart (and muscles and... well Pifo might tell you about it one day - he SEES stuff!).

So I didn't post yesterday because I was drawing and I am working these days and have deadlines - actually one is today - so this kinda messes up my schedule a lot.
I even went to get my blood test today - and I want to start a petition to have cute, braided doctors in hospitals from now on! ;_;

I am constantly updating the agenda above, I reached December already!
I spend a lot of time commuting and waiting here and there, for papers and work. So I carry my sketchbook around and keep on storyboarding.
I am currently sketching chapter 10 (that's in volume 3, you guys, and something really cool and matrimonial is about to happen! :D).
Okay I gotta go and work and draw... you want to read the comic, not my blabbers, right?

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