Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pifo animated gif.

How are you today? I feel better after uploading... like I can relax for an hour or two.
Will soon be writing about useful things though, but today I am resting a bit.

Yesterday, apparently, Pifo was the hit! LOLZ and so I was in a silly/happy mood and made an animated gif of him drooling after power!


Power is powerful and makes everyone so powersome! Hahahahahha.
And since it's so hard to understand what he says... because he is hard to understand, else he wouldn't be Pifo, try and just trade all his V with R and F with S and you should be able to figure out a little more.

I think the girls are used to him now but the pirates still don't get him most of the time.

Accuvfed boov --- what he calls Kane - would be "accursed boor"... which doesn't make much sense but then again this is the guy who was reading the Odylliad! (that should be something like the Iliad and the Odyssey got married and had a weird baby!)

I hope you enjoyed the little note about "man overboard". If you consider most sailors didn't know how to swim... Foxy is one lucky guy! :D

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