Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flash dress up dolls

flash castalia dress up doll by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Natasha made me notice on Facebook that it is no easy to play with my dolls as they are.
I take for granted, for instance, that you all have photoshop or something of the sort and have spare time to use a magic wand to cut out the clothes and put them on separate layers.
If you would like to have printable versions of these, let me know... I can add dielines and tabs and will have to turn the files into CMYK - so that the colors stay nice when you print them.

So I searched for a nice tutorial and I found a useful one on Deviant Art and it worked! Hopefully - consider I'm on a mac and that my version of Flash keeps saying my action scripting sucks cuz it's a version 2.0!

Eventually that's what came out... click on the image, you can drag the clothes around and put them on her so you cane see what she looks like in all of her outfit.

At this point... I'll make Flash versions of the other ones as well! ^_^


Ring said...

È bellissima!!

Adesso devi aggiornare le altre!!

Ring said...

It's amazing!!!

And now you should update the older ones also!!