Monday, May 24, 2010

Tic tac 11!

Oh so many tic tacs this week.
Alright, guys, I am four pages away from finishing drawing the chapter and after that is clean up, rendering, lettering... the usual stuff.
Today I was in school all day though, as my students had to present their project, and on my way back home I fell...
I was on the train and while I was putting my stuff in the overhead compartment this guy stretched his leg and I tripped over it.
He caught me - or at least he tried to catch me - but I landed with both hands on the dirty floor (I HATE REGIONAL TRAINS THEY ARE FILTHY!).

Now this could have made some good comic/romance material... if it wasn't that the guy was an idiot and instead of asking "are you alright" just said something like "thank goodness I have a good knee". So I stood at and glared at him and said: maybe you should keep your good knee under your seat instead of stretching it behind girls to trip them!

In short I let him understand that it was his fault and I did not appreciate his attempt to catch me - since it failed. Keep your hands off me!

What can I say, good opportunities for shoujo manga don't apply to pirate girls *_*! Yay!

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