Sunday, May 23, 2010

tic tac 10!

Bonjour! I'm falling in love with French comicbook artists and I feel very French this week.
So... you might have noticed I have been very quiet after the release.
Are you resting, Deda? No flash dolls, no tic tacs... you are busy compiling Volume 1 and don't talk to us anymore...

Well, truth be told I took thursday off and went to drool in front of some Caravaggio paintings in Rome - inspiring? No, just to die for! *ç* I fainted a couple of times especially when I saw the Supper at Emmaus - the one he did for himself - with the super duper gorgeous Jesus frowning at the bread: you bad bad loaf!
I'd go totally Pifo on this: oh Yef! Fcold me! I'm a bad loaf of Bvead!

Then I went and got some Indian food - super delicious but the lady put too much garlic (and God knows I cannot take garlic) and spent the rest of the day killing people with my breath every time I burped! =_= GARLIC CANNOT BE DIGESTED... you have to hope it will die and decompose in your stomach.

But so then since I didn't blabber a lot I did some tech stuff... I put the extra pages here on top, so I don't have to keep avatars and wallpapers on the side column (it was getting busy, wasn't it?) and I put the nice calendar that, by the way, was upgraded today since I did storyboards for chapter 9 (eventually released on December).

Yes I am getting ahead of myself but I thought that since I am moving in June and have to spend about 12 hours on a plane to Singapore - plus the first 3/4 days there will be hectic - I should probably storyboard now and draw the trip away hoping there won't be too much turbulence on the way.

As for this week... I will draw, draw and draw. I have to finish and clean up this part by saturday. I will be out for the week-end (participating to a film contest) and will be leaving for Turin on monday which means: scanned, cleaned up drawing have to be on my Mac (his Highness, my darling, Prince Charming, master and Lord of my poor little life) and come with me so that I can work on the train and be ready to upload the chapter when I return and after my student's finals!

Pretty busy schedule, eh, and I am packing too! XDDDD

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