Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wilson Kane - Contest 2

According to Carla... the actual Pirate Balthasar is the former "Bobo, clown of the seven seas" which explains why being part of his crew is so much fun!

Here we go with our second contestant... this is getting tough! I don't know why but being such a One Piece sucker... it kinda reminds me of Buggy and it makes me all happy and ticklish hi hi hi!

Also... today was Towel day... I didn't go out so I could not celebrate it (it would have been fun to go out with a towel). If you are Adams' fans you know what I am talking about.
If you don't know... let me tell ya... Wilson Kane celebrated his way!
Sorry ^^ this is terrible, I know! But I was drawing storyboards for chapter 9, today, so since that part has hot springs in it I got inspired/misled and carried away... by the theme.
Bad bad towel!

This was all very uninteresting! It's 10:39 and I am still working... so I needed a break, a silly one! Forgive me.

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