Saturday, May 08, 2010

The pirate Balthasar - announcement

Hi guys! (<--- this is not the post for today, I'll post a work in progress soon since I am done drawing and I can start cleaning up :D Happy?)

Actually I wanted to inform you about one little thing: if you see me update Smackjeeves often these days is because I am compiling VOLUME 1. See with chapter 4 Volume 1 will be done, so I am adding all those materials that I had presented here and around the web (like ads, coming soon, characters sheets and so on) and the Index to give a sense of continuity to the book.

I'll eventually make a cover for the volume although... I am kinda having difficulties thinking about the image I want to portray! Hahahaha any suggestions or requests are welcome.

In the end I'll make a pdf with the complete volume for you to download and keep! ^_^

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