Friday, May 07, 2010

Famous Illustrators - NC Wyeth

Here's another illustrator that made pirates what they are known to be today, with their romanticism and colorful adventures.

N.C. Wyeth. He was another famous American illustrator and probably the best at illustrating Stevenson's Treasure Island. He is probably most famous for illustrating Robin Hood and giving him the famous green tights hahahaha. He also depicted a wonderful King Arthur... ah, so romantic!

What I actually like about his illustrations is the atmosphere... the dramatic light... the way he creates the perspective sense of distance.

I'll show you some example of my favorite Pirate Pieces (although I recommend you to check out his Robin Hood stuff, it's just brilliant).

Pretty powerful eh?

B. Bones is my very favorite. To me it embodies the way I've always imagined Long Johns Silver, before he lost his leg. So massive and sturdy!
But he is not Silver... in fact this guy here is Long John Silver!

And now some samples of that dramatic light I was talking about.

Look at the cast shadows! They determine so strongly how the figure stand out against the background. They work, dark against light, to enhance the focal point and help you see things clearly.

Even if you don't love Jim you ought to love him here. His gesture of surprise, the face hidden by the hair, shows simply by the simple movement of his hand letting the coins slide from the palm to the sack!

And now.... Pirate Fight! LOL

These are very old, traditional looking illustrations... but we owe them a lot.
I hope you enjoy looking at them with me! ^__^/

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