Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guess your Wilson Kane - CONTEST

Heeeere we gooooo!

I am rendering and lettering and halfway done... Thank God it's sunday today and I get to work more on the comic.
I survived the wedding, yesterday, it was actually lots of fun and if you want to know what a wedding in Saint Peter is like... I'd have to say: romantic, private, weird... and when you get out of the chapel... crowded with tourists who takes pictures of the bride! LOL
It was over-directed too and the priest was so mean to all of us (relax, dude, it's a wedding!)... it made think all the while: no wonder the Church is living a crisis and people change religion. He really spoiled the day and I wanted to throw a shoe at him for making my cousin sad.

That's why I thought: I did well, to pick friars! When it comes to Balthasar we'll only see Franciscans celebrating the weddings we'll see in the story. Guess how many? XDDD



Contest Contest!!!!

I'll organize many of them at the same time with very long deadlines... so you can pick the ones you like best and have plenty of time to do your stuff. *_*
For the Wilson Kane contest I'll have the regular one start first and then I will add the one for non-drawing people - after I am done uploading the chapter.

Here's how it goes:

Try and imagine what Wilson Kane looks like without his mask.

- you can draw him the way you want to - even naked LOL - long, short hair, I leave you complete freedom.
- the drawings can be in color or just in pencil.
- shall we say we submit them all by the end of august? (that should give you plenty of time).
- we'll choose the winner with a poll so everybody gets to vote. The poll will last a month.
- the winner will get an original drawing by yours truly, I will ship it via regular mail, and can ask anything she/he wants. I mean you could say: I want Pifo on a Horse... the horse might not come out well but you'll have Pifo on a horse. LOL


- of course you can upload your own drawing anywhere you like: Deviant Art, Photobucket, Picasa and Facebook.
- you can also email the drawing here: tynstudios(at) and I will upload it for you.
- you can post the links in the "reply/comment" of the blog, on facebook, send me a note on Deviant Art or send it via email.

With you permission I'll create an album on photobucket and one on facebook and post them both here, on the top, for everyone to see.
So, yeah, your drawings will be public otherwise we won't be able to vote it.

Upcoming contest will see other types of rewards as well like... an outfit you design inserted in the story. A character designed by you in the story. But let's focus on one game at the time.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask so I can change this post and make the rules clearer.
Thank you all, I hope to see many drawings and... may the best pirate win!


Hi guys!
Here's the base for the "draw your own Wilson Kane" contest.


(he looks creepy! hahahaha I know)
This is for those of you who don't feel sure they may be able to do it but would like to participate anyways cuz it would be fun.
As you may have noticed by reading the comic... I like joking a lot so you can really do anything you like with this and be creative about it!
I hope to get many Wilson Kanes, may the best pirate win! ^_X/

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