Sunday, December 25, 2011

Secret Santa Ho ho ho

Hello everyone, time to unwrap the presents your Secret Santa has prepared for this special Christmas event. Here's how it will go. This is the list of the wishes that Secret Santas have taken into their hands.
  • a Fan art about Foxy meeting Cat for the first time. 
  •  A fanfic about Cat and Callista exchaning presents; 
  •  a cute Cat art; 
  •  A regular drawing of Cat; 
  •  Westley, Kes and Itzak at Christmas time; 
  •  A picture of the whole crew with all the couples together;
  •  Castalia, Kane and Fickle reading Christmas stories; 
  •  A drawing of Castalia dominating Kane (it may be during a duel) 
  •  A drawing of a fencing, shirtless Martin; 
  •  A drawing of Cat and Callista 
  • a fanfic about young Martin.
I will post a different present every day and will cross the wish from the list. Some of them might arrive late, even late is better than never so I will keep on posting them until I receive all the ones I was promised to receive. So don't give up because you ran out of time, we will have time until we have time to spend together and think about how happy you make your fellow crewmember!

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