Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The VOICE challenge

Alirght, people, it's time to get the game started!

It's very simple: you have to pick a voice that you think might go well with this or that character from the comic!

I already received two proposal so soon enough you'll see me linking videos from youtube and stuff... unless you find a better link for me to post with a phrase or a song or something that you deem to be perfect (otherwise you'll have to go with whatever I find).

Now I know that a lot of you will propose American actors/voice actors but you have to keep in mind that European voices sound different and you have no idea how much more different voices are in Asia!
So I truly hope to receive names and voices from around the World and yes, here I say it: I put no limitation on the language spoken.

So if let's say, for example, you find a hot actor or singer from Finland that you think could be perfect for our Fynn... please do send me a sample of his voice as it would be incredibly awesome to hear the doctor speak in his own language: apua!

The game is opened to all the characters!
I proposed the shalalas for example but if you can find a nice voice for Rose going fantastically mooon river on us, I would love to hear that too. Or if you have an Indian actor in mind for Quoque just bollywood me like crazy.

What do we do with all the sounds, except for having fun for a while? I was thinking, time permitting, of creating a short video associating the voice to a drawing, compiling it together... at first character by character. So if you pick a 10 seconds line per character that we could blast under the drawing, imagine how hilarious that would sound.

So here comes the CHALLENGE!
If you go hunt for sound and send me a link, indicate the timing of the line you want to pick. I will splice and edit the sound for you so that when we go to POLLS I can already put the sound under the drawing and the result should be something to giggle about for months to come.

At the very end, the most voted will be edited together!

So, are you in?


Lettori italiani, serve una traduzione? Mandatemi le voci dei vostri doppiatori preferiti, se volete (lo se che ne avete un paio in mente, ne ho un paio in mente pure io XDDD).


I forgot the most important thing:

1) you can use song
2) you can send a youtube video
3) you can send any kind of link to a video or a sound file

where? You can post here, in the shoutbox, under the posts (any post), on facebook, on deviant art, via email at the usual dedadaniels(at), or under the comments to the comic itself.


Lauand said...


I know that Kane's Sicilian ass would be horrified to be assigned a Spanish voice, but here's the one I think it fits him best (more or less):

(The one of the Dread Pirate Roberts, not Iñigo's)

Selene said... The Yellow pony evokes Callista's voice in my head. The purple pony... kind of reminds me of the aunties, or at least foxy's ex.

Leanne said...

The Shallalas:
you will know. LOLOL

Leanne said...

Hey, sorry for the overload. I'm waaaay into the voice challenge :P.
Anyways, I feel like Foxy would sound like Simba, simply becasue they have the "poor little guy" thing going on, but also the mischievous rascal thing going on.

Leanne said... at 3:20, Vincent Valentine is sort of how i imagine cat. it's deep and sexy. LOL

Fraxinus said...

I imagine that Pea's voice sounds bossy like Meg (gal in the pink with the flower) and the shalala's are TOTALLY sounding to me like the "shalalalalala-AH" at the end with the backup singers.

Fraxinus said...

And this is how I think of Westley's voice... like a young Dolph Lundgren.
Though from what I read about Mr. Lundgren, I'd relate his character more to Kane, I think.

Fraxinus said...

I think Cat would sound like the guy in this video. (the character Ari Haswari from NCIS) Kind of deep and dark.

Briana k said...

I imagine cat with a light jamacian kind of vibe. I don't have a video but I might be able to post one soon.